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Access to SPY data: https://lrsels.lip6.fr/

SPY is a free-to-use open source game (https://github.com/Mocahteam/SPY). SPY is also shared from the point of view of the interaction data generated by the game. All interactions are tracked in xAPI format and stored on a LRS (Learning Record Store).

The vocabulary used is described at the following address: https://spy.lip6.fr/xapi/vocabulary.html

Each trace in xAPI format is called a statement and consists of an Actor/Verb/Object triplet (Who? Does what? On what?). Each new connection to the game generates a unique anonymous session identifier that the player can note down in order to reload his progress later. This session ID defines the statement actor. Verbs and objects characterize the content of interactions.

The interactions currently tracked are: level launch, opening dialogs, switching to next dialog, switching to previous dialog, closing dialogs, creating a program area, cleaning up a program area, deleting a program area, renaming a program area, inserting a block, deleting a block, modifying a block, executing a program, pausing execution, step-by-step execution, stopping program execution, level end, level close. Some statements contain extensions to store additional information, such as level end conditions (success/failure, score) or the context in which a block was added/deleted.

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